Huteng's thinking

My name is Huteng Dai (xu˨˩tʰəŋ˧˥ tai˥˨ 戴虎腾; meaning). I am a computational linguist and theoretical phonologist. My research focuses on understanding how humans learn sound patterns from noisy, real-world data. I build interpretable models of phonological learning that are not only mathematically well-defined but also succeed on real-world corpora.

I recently completed my PhD at Rutgers Department of Linguistics with a certificate from Center for Cognitive Science. I'm a member of Rutgers Computational Linguistics Lab and UCI Language Processing Group. I will join UMich Linguistics as an assistant professor of computational linguistics and phonology in Fall 2024.

Research interests

(with links to introductory materials and resources I found useful)
Theoretical and methodological:
  • Acquisition
  • Formal Language Theory
  • Grammar-lexicon interaction
  • Machine Learning (especially Anomaly Detection)
  • Psycholinguistic methods
  • Information Theory
  • Empirical:
  • Child-directed speech
  • Harmony
  • Morphophonology
  • Tone and prosody
  • Low-resource corpora
  • Turkic and East Asian languages
  • Recent activities: