Huteng Dai  

Department of Linguistics, Rutgers University
18 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1184, USA

Huteng's photo I'm a second year PhD student at the Rutgers Department of Linguistics. My name is Huteng Dai (xu˨˩.tʰəŋ˧˥.tai˥˨; or Dai Huteng 戴虎腾 in Chinese order. Fun fact: my name literally means 'tiger is soaring/jumping').

My research interests center on phonology and its interfaces. I am also interested in computational linguistics, especially the works by Delaware school and the computational models in Optimality Theory and its variants. Laboratory phonology and phonetics provide a fine-grained and dynamic perspective for my research. My recent projects focus on the nature of phonological gradience, formal language theory, information theory, and machine learning.

I am a member of Rutgers Computational Linguistics Lab, and currently a student organizer of MathLing and Rutgers Phonology and Phonetics Research Group. In 2018, I founded the Beijing P-side Group (BJPS) [Chinese Portal].

Research interests

Broad: Phonology, Phonetics, Typology, Computation

  • Phonology and its interfaces, especially phonetics and morphology
  • Phonological typology
  • Computational linguistics, especially computational phonology
  • Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology


  • Formal language theory
  • Information Theory
  • Optimization-based models: Maximum Entropy Model, and Noisy Harmonic Grammar in general
  • Consonant harmony, especially laryngeal harmony
  • Tone, especially tone sandhi, and Prosody in general
  • Historical Chinese phonology


Recent activities:

  • 2019 Fall: Working on my first Qualifying Paper "Learning non-local phonotactics: a comparison between MLE and MaxEnt", chaired by Adam Jardine.
  • LSA 2020 Poster session: Lezgian laryngeal harmony and gradient symbolic representation