Department of Linguistics, Rutgers University
18 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1184, USA

Huteng's thinking

I'm a PhD student at the Rutgers Department of Linguistics. My name is Huteng Dai (xu˨˩.tʰəŋ˧˥.tai˥˨; or Dai Huteng 戴虎腾 in Chinese order. Fun fact: my name literally means 'tiger is soaring/jumping'). I'm also affiliated to Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCs) and UCI Language Processing Group.

I work on theoretical phonology and its interfaces through the lens of computational and experimental methods, with which we can accurately define our questions and actively test our hypotheses. My recent projects focus on phonological similarity, gradience, and non-local phonotactics.

I am a member of Rutgers Computational Linguistics Lab, and currently a student organizer of Rutgers Phonology and Phonetics Research Group (PhonX). In 2018, I founded the Beijing P-side Group (BJPS) [Chinese Portal].

Research interests

Theoretical and methodological:
  • Phonology and its interfaces, especially phonetics and morphology
  • Output-driven optimization-based models, eg. Maximum Entropy and Stochastic Harmonic Grammar
  • Computational linguistics with Formal Language Theory, Information Theory, and Machine Learning
  • Laboratory phonetics and phonology
  • Phonological similarity
  • Harmony (long-distance agreement)
  • Tone and Prosody


Recent activities:

  • 2021 October 1–3, AMP 2021: Talk. Huteng Dai and Richard Futrell. "Learning Phonotactics in a Differentiable Framework of Subregular Languages" [Slides][see our SIGMORPHON recording for a computation-oriented presentation].
  • 2021 August 5, ACL SIGMORPHON 2021: Talk. Huteng Dai and Richard Futrell. "Simple induction of (deterministic) probabilistic finite-state automata for phonotactics by stochastic gradient descent" [Recording][Paper].
  • 2021 June 21-23, PaPE 2021: Poster. Tajudeen Mamadou Y, Huteng Dai, Yair Haendler and Mariapaola D’Imperio. "The Role of Global and Local Pitch Levels in the Perception of Questions in Ede Chaabe" [Abstract].